African King who works as a car mechanic part-time

Céphas Bansah is an African King able to balance a job as a mechanic in Germany with his Royal duties back in his country. The name of his country is “Togbe Ngoryifia Céphas Kosi Bansah” which is located on the eastern border with Togo to Ghana with around 200,000 population.

How does he run the country?

King Céphas Bansah runs his car repair garage in the area of Ludwigshafen in Germany, where he is wallowing in oils and greases the whole day. The King is ruling his subjects through Skype but still, he manages to visit Ghana up to eight times per year.

Why did he come to Germany?

King Céphas Bansah grew up in Ghana. He moved to Germany in 1970 when his grandfather “King ho ho” sent him abroad for higher education. During his stay in Germany, he got citizenship, setting up his own garage in Ludwigshafen, and also had been married to a German woman.

He became the King in 1987 when he received a telephone call from home that his grandfather had died who was a King.

Why was he chosen a King?

Although the 73-year-old was not directly next in line for the seat through birthright, he was chosen over his father and brother because they both are left-handed.

This is an attribute about which people of Hohoe believe that men who use the left hand instead of the right are unclean and unlucky and it is a sign of dishonesty.

In 1992, his coronation ceremony took place. But King Bansah made a decision to go back to Germany. He decided that it is not necessary to move back to Africa for being a King. King Céphas Bansah has two children who help him run the affairs of the country.


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