An accident crushed his spinal cord and shattered all his dream in Riyadh

He came to Saudi Arabia with dreams in his eyes: Faruk Mian, a 27-year-old man, visited Saudi Arabia in 2015 with the aim of earning money and to support his family. He belonged to an Indian family who lived in Tripura in Northeastern India. He wanted to secure an honest life for his Indian parents who as landless farm laborers lived a miserable poor life. 

First, he was working as a driver in Taif but later, he was forced to clean washrooms in a function hall. He ran away to Riyadh where he worked as a tile fixer for some time.

Road Accident: On a freezing evening of December 24, 2015, he was carried to Sanad Hospital by a Saudi ambulance after a road accident in Riyadh city. His aims and dreams came to an end when his scooter met a horrible accident, which made him paralyzed, his spinal cord crushed and multiple fractures in other limbs.

He wanted to go back to his hometown to his parents in India but a returning trip would take 36 hours and he couldn’t travel. Mian was not able to move a finger for taking biometrics or signatures to complete his visa process on his passport. 

3468 An accident crushed his spinal cord and shattered all his dream in Riyadh

Death is better than this life: Mian said from his hospital bed that death is better than this harsh life. He has been hospitalized for more than a year and his treatment is still going on which is painful for his entire family as well. The motorist ran away after hitting Mian’s scooter and left him lifeless in foggy weather.

When Mian started recovering at ICU after a long fight with life, he could not explain the scene which happened to him at that evening. He would have gotten compensation with the driver if he had been caught.

He can’t even drink water without anyone’s help: After 14 months of complete care, he is now preparing to travel back to his country because he is in better condition. He thanked doctors and staff at the hospital.  He told that he can’t even drink water or talk on the phone without the help of someone.

Tears would roll down on his cheek when he felt helpless. He would only attend calls of his mother who would gather pennies to call him. He accepted it as his fortune and blames no one. But, before he dies he wants to meet his mother and wishes that his father spills soil in his grave.

3468 An accident crushed his spinal cord and shattered all his dream in Riyadh 01

The sponsor refused to pay for his treatment: After the mishap, the management tried to get to his sponsor in Taif but he refused to pay for Mian’s treatment by saying that he is not his responsibility. The Saudi health department, management of Sanad hospital and in fact everyone from the hospital staff from Pilipino nurse to Saudi PR officials helped him and paid a large amount to continue his treatment.

Indian Embassy: According to the official source, a worker of Indian Embassy in Riyadh visited Mian to help him in completing his visa process.  He was able to complete the formalities with the help of others.

The embassy also presented to pay all the cost of his equipped stretcher and air tickets and will provide a caretaker because there are no direct flights between Riyadh and Agartala, the capital of Tripura state.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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