American Painter paints a “million-riyal portrait” of King Abdul Aziz

Ruler of Saudi Arabia is Saudi Arabia’s head of state and supreme ruler (i.e. head of government). He serves as the head of the Saudi government — house of Saud. The ruler is the caretaker of the two blessed Mosques. 

King Abdul Aziz also was known as Ibn Saud started combining today’s Saudi Arabia in 1902, by re-establishing his family as emirs of Riyadh. Afterward, he continued to settle with the Nejd first in 1922 then the Hejaz in 1925.

He improved from Sultan of Nejd to the ruler of Hejaz and Nejd, and at last, the ruler of Saudi Arabia in 1932. One stunning fine art piece, portraying Saudi Arabia’s founding ruler is much hype around the Kingdom’s painting scene these days.

The canvas, titled “the million-riyal portrait” is presently esteemed at more than $350,000 and was charged by Sheikh Mansoor al-Zamil.

The artwork signifies the unification events of Saudi Arabia led by the founding King Abdul Aziz, the bounder who bonded together 11 areas to set up the ethnic and tribal-free empire.

The picture explains the late ruler of the front position and following him are 11 men from different areas holding hands in an image of the union in an area known by tribal disorder at the time.

The unification of Saudi Arabia was a political movement by which the different tribes, sheikhdoms, Emirates, and Kingdoms of a large portion of the Arabian Peninsula surrendered themselves by the House of Saud between 1902 and 1932.

The current Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was announced under the control of Ibn Saud, now and then referred to as the Third Saudi State, the Emirate of Diriyah as the First Saudi State and the Emirate of Nejd as the Second Saudi State.

Caretaker of the exhibition, Mohammed Qabra informed that the picture was completed by Ali Amer, an American painter of Iraqi origin and took almost three years to conclude.

The measurement of the canvas is 3.5 meters’ length and 2.5 meters’ width. Painting is a method of innovation, and there are many forms of drawing, gesture, composition, narration or abstraction, among other art forms which express the intention of the practitioner.

Paintings can be realistic and representative, images, symbolic and full of emotions. In artistic language, the term painting explains both the act and the result of the action which is why this painting is getting its value and hype all around.

It has a very strong message and history behind it which attracts the viewers and social media users.

The inspiration behind the picture was explained by Qabra that the pictures displayed in the exhibition were motivated by prehistoric pictures, almost a century ago, with an estimated period for completion of four months of two years. 

According to Qabra, painters are an expert in fine art, based mostly in Asia and USA and require around five months to a year to conclude the painting.

Source: Al Arabiya

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