Emirati woman who killed American Teacher is sentenced to Death

The woman killed a kindergarten teacher identified as Romanian-born Ibolya Ryan, a mother of 11-year-old twins, by stabbing her in a toilet at an Abu Dhabi shopping mall.

Al Arabiya did not name the woman, but UAE media have named her as Ala’a Badr Abdullah Al-Hashemi, aged 30. 

Abu Dhabi had arrested the killer of the American women (School Teacher) very quickly.

The UAE court sentenced the Emirati woman to death for killing an American teacher in December 2014, Al-Arabiya television reported. 

Watch the full video from committing murder to her arrest below, the way UAE Police has tracked down the woman who committed the murderer, it looks like a scene from a Hollywood movie.

I appreciate the work of the UAE security agencies for being so vigilant in performing their duties efficiently and professionally.

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