Amazon CEO added $13.5 billion to his fortune in 15 minutes

The CEO of Amazon, Mr. Jeff Bezos, who was the unluckiest among the 2019 billionaires as he could not increase his wealth, is surely turning tables in 2020.

According to the Bloomberg statistics, he added $13.5 billion to his net wealth within 15 minutes on the 30th of Jan 2020.

This is all credited to the 12% increase in Amazon’s share prices. The current share price is as high as $2,100.

5513 Amazon CEO added $13.5 billion to his fortune in 15 minutes

Now, Bezos has a total net worth of about $129 billion. Making his jump up the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates. The two enjoyed the wealthiest person’s position last year.

Bezos is a wise investor. He has an operational eponymous VC vehicle Bezos Expeditions. His other ventures include ownership of aerospace firm Blue Origin and the Washington Post newspaper.

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