Alqamah: A Sahabi Rasool who couldn’t say Shahadah on his deathbed

Alqamah was a pious man

Alqamah was one of the pious men at the time of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. He was obedient to Allah Almighty and was vigilant about his prayers and fasts. He was a generous young man who would give away charity to the poor.

Suddenly he got very ill and day by day his condition got serious. He fell on his deathbed counting his remaining days. His wife, accepting the fate, went to Prophet Muhammad S.A.W informing him (PBUH) that his husband (Alqamah) is near his death.

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W sent two Sahabis

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W then sent two of the sahabis to look after him and to ask him to utter the Shahadah so that his death and life after death are made easy. The sources claim that these two companions of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W were Hazrat Bilal and Ammar R.A or Suhaib R.A.

They went to their companion and asked him that Prophet Muhammad S.A.W has sent them and that Alqamah shall repeat the Shahadah. Hazrat Bilal R.A and the other companion would say out loud “la illaha illa Allah,” so that Alqamah would repeat after them.

Alqamah couldn’t say Shahada

Yet it seemed as tough Alqamah’s tongue was tied up and he was unable to repeat the words after the sahabis. It looked as though Allah wasn’t allowing him to utter shahadah before his death. This was something really strange as Alqamah was a pious and generous man.

The sahabis, therefore, went to Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and told him about the strange incident that happened at Alqamah’s place. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W inquired that if either of the parents of Alqamah were alive. He (PBUH) was informed that he has a mother who is very old.

Prophet S.A.W sent a message to the mother

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W sent a message to the old lady that Holy Prophet PBUH wishes to see her. If she can, she shall come and pay a visit. However, if she is unable to do so, she shall tell so that Prophet Muhammad S.A.W may visit her himself.

When the old lady got the message, she said that it would be a privilege for her to meet the Prophet of Allah and thereby she will herself go and pay a visit. She took out her stick and went in a hurry and excitement to meet Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

She greeted Prophet Muhammad S.A.W on her arrival. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W greeted her back and said that O mother of Alqamah, tell me the situation regarding your son, Alqamah. Be truthful old lady as the truth would be revealed to me otherwise.

The mother started telling about Alqamah

She also became a witness of her son’s piousness by saying that Alqamah is a generous lad who gives out charity and is a good Muslim as he protects his prayers and is vigilant about his fasts.

On this, Prophet Muhammad S.A.W inquired that what about you? What is your condition with your son? The old lady replied that I am angry with him.

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W asked for the reason behind her anger. Mother of Alqamah replied that O Prophet of Allah, my son preferred his wife over me. He disobeyed me which made me angry with him.

The anger of mother prevented him from saying Shahada on his deathbed

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W then exclaimed that o mother of Alqamah, your anger has prevented him from repeating Shahadah on his deathbed. He then asked Hazrat Bilal R.A to go and fetch a good quantity of wood. On this, the old lady got surprised and asked that why the purpose of collecting wood is?

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W said that he would burn Alqamah in front of you, mother of Alqamah. The lady started weeping and crying. She pleaded Prophet Muhammad S.A.W not to do so as he is her son and that she would not be able to see him burning in front of her.

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W reminded her that the punishment of hereafter is greater, lasting and severe. If you want Allah to forgive him, you shall forgive him as well. All his prayers, charity and fasts are of no use if you are angry with him.

The mother immediately forgave her son

The mother of Alqamah said that she is pleased with her son. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W sent Bilal to go and again ask Alqamah to repeat the Shahadah. If he is able to do so, this would mean that the lady is saying the truth otherwise she has just said to please me.

Bilal went to Alqamah and again asked him to repeat the shahadah after him. This time Alqamah was able to recite the shahadah. On this Bilal exclaimed that your tongue was tied only because your mother was angry with you. Alqamah died on the very day.

The Holy Prophet took part in washing his body and shrouding. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W stood by his grave and said that those who prefer their wives over their mothers, their spendings are not accepted and Allah and His angels curse him. As Allah’s pleasure lies in the pleasure of a mother and anger lies in anger of a mother.

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