Al Uqair Fort, a mysterious fort located in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia

Uqair, which is also known as Al-Uqair, is a fort. It is an ancient fort located in Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The fort is believed to possess Islamic roots. It is the very same place where the Uqair Protocol of 1922 took place.

The protocol is of great political significance. It was under this protocol that borders of the very Kingdom were established. The Protocol of Uqair defined the borders between northeastern Saudi Arabia with Kuwait and Iraq.

Al Uqair also tends to have ties with ancient Gerrha and Mesopotamia. Some also believe it was built by Arabs for defense purpose. As foreign attacks were predicted, the fort could provide the destination of defense.

The fort whose origin is still under question is located on the eastern coast of the Persian Gulf. It is just 50 mu at the northeast of Al-Hasa (which is a fertile oasis). The history of the fort remains a mystery.

Not only we are unaware of the date when the fort was constructed yet we do not know who built it! The fact is that it is a precious asset to the Kingdom that shall be preserved at its fullest.

In order to access the fort a new road named as Uqair AL-Hasa has been built. The road was built for economic growth of the Al-Hasa. The Fort Shallow lagoon has been built next to it: one can locate in the fort in the maps beside the harbor and shallow lagoon the fort.

The current structure of fort consists of a stone rampart with a mud brick on its top. The fort is 150 ft. long on each side.

In 2014, Al-Uqair beach was developed. This beach was built to attract tourist and to revive the beauty of the fort.  The beach has provided people with an entertainment area. The mayor of Al-Uqair, himself got involved in the 20 seating enclosure built on the beach.

The beach provides facilities for water, sanitation, and cleanliness. Irrigation tanks and bathrooms have been built. In order to maintain high standards, maintenance project was also initiated. A sand inscription location has also been allocated so that people could practice sculpture.

Al-Uqair, is full of unique features, such as its coastline, oases, desert terrain, cultural monuments and antiquities.

The beach has been developed and has become a great family spot. The beach has enhanced the scenic beauty of the fort and preserved the historical asset of the Kingdom. People love to visit the place.

It has also boosted the economy by providing 37,700 direct job opportunities and 56,000 seasonal jobs. The historical assets like the Al-Uqair fort shall be preserved by the Kingdom: they are precious and unique!

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