Al-Saif Beach – Undoubtedly, the Best Public Beach in Jeddah

If you are in search of some best tourist places to spend good quality time with friends and family located in the coastal city of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, Al-Saif beach is the one you are searching for. It is one of the best and amazing places to visit in Jeddah.

However, if you haven't still visited Al-Saif beach, we can take you on a virtual tour of this beach by telling you some thrilling and adventurous information about it. Al-Saif beach is filled with a great beauty which is further enhanced by the dusk of the sunshine. Once you go there, you will definitely fall in love with its wonderful natural beauty.[irp]

You won’t find such calm and cool place in Jeddah besides the Al Saif Beach. Al-Saif beach opened in the year of 2015 to the public. In Jeddah, this place has been considered as the best destination for kid’s entertainment. People who are passionate about kite flying must keep this place on the top of their list.

Al-Saif beach attracts tourists in Jeddah due to its calm and peaceful environment. Because of these facts, the beach is now known as the most popular picnic spot in Jeddah. Usually, when you are driving closer to the side of the beach, you find the best signboards which properly guide you.

The whole road of the Al-Saif beach is covered with warehouses and factories. The interesting part about this place is that Al-Saif beach is also escorted by the solar-powered streetlights. Solar powered street lights add to the beauty of Beach which attracts more attention of the public.

Al-Saif beach is equipped with many facilities one of which includes the large parking place available on the beachside. The beach also provides parking at the swimming side which holds the strong capacity to manage thousands of vehicles. Even Parking for vehicles has no cost and is completely free.

The beach is safe and secure. The whole side of Al-Saif beach has been provided with strict security services. Any kind of misbehaving or any such incident is never observed by the strangers on Al-Saif beach. A mosque is available along with many restrooms which you will come across while walking by the beach.

Al-Saif beach provides you with the best sunset view which you cannot find at any other place of Jeddah. Google Maps list Al-Saif beach by the name of Sword Beach, which is actually a literal translation of Al Saif. However, in all sign boards which are posted there for guidance, have Al Saif Beach written on them.

Al-Saif beach is an ideal location for a picnic where families can have barbeques or arrange weekend gatherings. It is open to friends, families, and singles and even for the couples. No doubt that this beach filled with great beauty and impressive looks that would definitely force anyone to visit this place again and again.

In a nutshell, this is a complete discussion about the Al Saif beach located in Jeddah. You must Book your tickets soon for Jeddah and visit this amazing beach. Have fun!!

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