8 Reasons why Al Nakhla Compound is the best place for  kids

When you shift to another country with kids, you don’t have much concern about your adjustment, but all you are worried about is about your kids. You need to make sure that you provide them with a place that is safe and secure for them. You want them to grow up in an environment that is best suited for their upbringing. You want them to enjoy the culture that you enjoyed while growing up.

In short, you want them the home like feel even when you are not at your home country. But that is rare especially when you belong to the Western culture and end up in a country like Saudi Arabia. Yet worry not as all your problems have been solved with Al Nakhla Residential Resorts!

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Al Nakhla residential resorts are the best resorts for the people who wish to enjoy western culture in Saudi Arabia. Situated at the city of Riyadh, Al Nakhla is the expat’s exclusive residential zone with all the dream facilities. In this write-up, we shall tell you that why choosing Al Nakhla is a wise option especially when you have kids along with you!

  1. Specially designed playgrounds for kids

while opting for a place for kids, you need to ensure that the place is equipped with good playgrounds so that kids could enjoy their play. At Al, Nakhla kids have an option to go to 6 playgrounds and explore their potentials at sports. There is a soft playground best suited for toddlers and young kids.


  1. Arts and Crafts room

As a preoccupied parent, you want to give your kids the best of all facilities. You just cannot leave them without giving them an opportunity to explore. There are specially designed arts and crafts room for kids at Al Nakhla so that the kids could play and learn at the same time.


  1. Electronic games room

Kids these days need to get in touch with the technology. They shall learn to play games that require technological know-how. The kids are being introduced to technologies so that as they grow, they learn to operate it. At Al-Nakhla, there is an electronic games room which helps the kids to use technology and play their favorite games.


  1. The most secure place for kids

Al Nakhla is indeed one of the safest place in Saudi Arabia as it is equipped with the best security systems. The entire resort is equipped with the latest CCTV cameras that monitor movements of individuals for their safety.

The security services are being provided 24/7. As long as your kid is inside Al Nakhla, you don’t need to worry about their security and safety.


  1. International schools

One thing that parents cannot compromise on is education. Al Nakhla is equipped with international schools so that your children could attain a quality education. However, this is not the only option for you.

You can opt for any good school in Riyadh, Riyadh houses the finest schools. Most of the best schools in Riyadh are just at 15 minutes’ drive from Al Nakhla! And the best part is Al Nakhla provides shuttle services to kids to major school in Riyadh. This service is complimentary.


  1. Arrangements for babysitting

If you need a professional nanny, a teacher or a good babysitter for your young ones and find it difficult to trust anyone because you know nothing about the foreign country and its people, then worry not!

Al Nakhla shall arrange a professional baby sitter for you. Also a kid’s area, kids are under the supervision of professional teachers.


  1. Best sports facilities

Al Nakhla can be viewed as a resort with the best sports complex. Children are entertained with different sports. From swimming to golf, football, badminton, cycling, gym, ballet, Zumba, martial arts: kids have an array of options.


  1. Cinema

Kids can enjoy their favorite movie at the Cinema which is inside Al Nakhla. The Cinema is built according to international standards.  Do you still believe that there is any best option to stay with kids other than Al Nakhla??


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