Al Jazirat Al Hamra: The Ghost Town of Ras Al Khaimah

There are many mysteries, rumors that Al Jazirat Al Hamra in Ras al Khaima is haunted by ancient ghosts. This old pearl fishing village is located to the south of main Ras al Khaimah town almost 12 miles or so.

This ghost town is not on the list of the majority of the tourists neither there are any plans evident to make new developments in it.

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A 14th Century Village

In the 14th century, Al Jazirat al Hamra was built on the land which was once a tidal island. Three local tribes including the ruling Za’ab tribe laid the foundation. Since it was built on an island it was named as Al Jazirat al Hamra meaning “Red Island”.

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In 1830 population of this small village was almost 200 which reached to 2000 in the 20th century. Majority of the population was earning their living as pearl fisherman. It was the 20th century when people started leaving their homes.

Structures of Al Jazirat Al Hamra

The buildings in this town were made of coral stones and mud with the roofs of woven date palms. They are perfect examples of pre-oil era buildings that these areas have.

The strength of these structures can be guessed from the fact that they had been able to withstand the hardships of so many years including intense sunlight, stinging sandstorms and most of all various tribal conflicts.

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Why the village was abandoned?

People in the surrounding believe that it was the ghosts that forced people to leave the place. While wandering through the town, you can feel the presence of something but can’t see them. You hear whispers but can’t listen to them.

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There are many pieces of evidence which proved that this place was full of life in the past whether it is their furniture or other belongings.

In 2011 a local resident along with few others have started working on their towns and succeeded in restoring few of their homes. Although the majority of the village area is still piles of rubble with no guards, no tour guides or warning signs but yet it offers people much to look for.

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