Al-Baik Restaurant opens its first Branch in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Al-Baik is a famous name for all the Saudis and those who have visited Saudi Arabia. They say if you haven’t tried Al-Baik, your trip to Saudi Arabia wasn’t fruitful. Al-Baik is one of the finest restaurants of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf.

The restaurant serves fast food that is worth eating. The food is blended with spices and tastes that are a perfect treat for the taste buds. Also, the restaurant has equipped itself with international flavors which are too tasty to resist.

Talking about some Unknown Facts About Al-Baik, they started its operation in Saudi Arabia in 1986. The very first branch was opened up in Jeddah. Since then the restaurant has been observing expansions. Several branches were opened up in Makkah.

With the passage of time, Al-Baik Growth hit Madina. The first branch in Madina was opened up in 2001. In 2002, Al-Baik introduced a pick Express branch in Makkah. The branch had limited applications on its list.

In the recent years, Al-Baik has been able to transform itself from a traditional Arabic restaurant to a restaurant with up to date facilities. In the year 2015, they launched a procedure to Order Al-Baik Online.

Out of many dishes which Al-Baik offers, the most famous is Al-Baik Broast. I don’t think any restaurant in the world makes broast better than them especially when it is eaten with Garlic Sauce.

The renowned restaurant has been able to take away the award of being the Brand of the Kingdom. Now it has a gift for the people of Riyadh. The Al-Baik restaurant has started its operations in the capital of the country, Riyadh. 

So we finally found the Al Kharj branch of the famous Al Baik, 80km outside of #Riyadh that serves Broasted chicken and? not just nuggets!

Location: 24°07’40.1″N 47°15’48.0″E

20 Km from the city of Riyadh towards the Al Muzahmiyah Governorate, a new branch of Al-Baik chain restaurant would be built. This is an official statement coming from the chief executive officer of the Al-Baik food system, Rami Ghazala.

The greatest news is that it is not opening 1 or 2 branches there. 7 branches shall be inaugurated.

The announcement comes after signing a strategic partnership agreement with Peace Stars Holding Company that includes the acquisition of land that will be used for the new outlets.

The Al-Baik land of Riyadh was purchased years ago, yet the delay took place as the management was not ready to build the restaurants there, says Rami Ghazala. One of the most organized restaurants of the world, however, has now obtained the commercial license by the AL Othiam.

Rami Ghzala says that the company has already built its administrative structures and training centers.  A national and a commercial history will be built and names shall be suggested by Al-Baik.

The value of marketing company has reached high. Experts are of the view that it has reached as high as 5 billion riyals. But it is estimated to reach even higher. So citizens of Riyadh, brace up your selves to taste the finest restaurant! Prepare your selves for a perfect treat! 

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