Ahd Kamel: The first Saudi actress to work in a Hollywood movie

Role of Women in Saudi Society: As we all know the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing a wide number of changes under the vision 2030 and it also has involved more women and is working to reaffirm women’s role in Saudi society where women were always forced to stay isolated and were never allowed to work independently.

Cinema Theatres: This is the reason they were always criticized by other societies for applying their ultra-conservative belief on their women. Recently cinema theatres were opened in the Kingdom after a long ban of 35 years and it has opened a way for Saudi young generation to appear on the screen.

First every Saudi Female in a Hollywood Movie: Not long ago, a woman from Saudi Arabia signed a role in Hollywood movie. This is indeed a big news for the Kingdom because she became the first Saudi female actress to work with Hollywood.

She is a Saudi film actress and Film Maker Ahd Kamel who is the first woman from her country to appear in a Holly wood movie. Before this, she earned the name to become the first Saudi woman on Netflix after she appeared in mini-series named “Collateral” which was aired on BBC.

Name of Hollywood Movie: Now recently she has signed for the role in Hollywood movie “Being”. “Being” is an American Horror movie directed by Douglas C William and it is expected to release this year.

This year we will be able to see a Saudi actress appearing on the big screen and with this, she has opened an opportunity for several Saudi men and women to work in the international film market. She also appeared in Vogue Arabia Magazine along with other pioneering Saudi women.

Hollywood personalities from Saudi Arabia: We know that Saudi Arabia has remained far away from the Hollywood but Hollywood was never at a distance from Saudi Arabia. In an earlier post, we have shared about some Hollywood celebrities who were born in Saudi Arabia.

Idris Elba’s next Hollywood movie: Idris Elba has made an announcement a few months ago that he will be working and shooting his next Hollywood movie in Saudi Arabia. The news made headlines in the newspapers after the announcement that Idris Elba’s next Hollywood movie will be filmed in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Al Arabiya

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