After UAE, Bahrain normalizes relations with Israel

Bahrain and Israel have reached a landmark agreement to fully normalize their relationship on the 11th of September 2020. Bahrain is the second Middle Eastern country reaching a peace deal with Israel in less than 30 days after the UAE.

Almost all the Middle Eastern Countries have boycotted Israel for decades insisting that they would only accept them if Israel settles its dispute with Palestine. However, now both the UAE and Bahrain have moved forward from their decades-long stance.

Bahrain is only the fourth Arab country in the Middle East – after the UAE, Egypt, and Jordan – to recognize Israel since its founding in 1948.

After the UAE and Israel peace deal, the first direct flight from Israel to the UAE few for the first time in the history. Saudi Arabia allowed its airspace to be used for the flight.

However, Saudi Finance Minister has made it clear in the month of August that Saudi Arabia will not accept Israel until the dispute is settled up to the satisfaction of Palestinians.

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