Afghan infant sustains burns at hospital nursery in Saudi Arabia

The neglect of the hospital caused second and third-degree burns on the baby boy’s right foot. According to the sources, the baby boy whose father is an Afghan national has filed a case against the hospital. The baby boy was placed in the nursery at a private hospital in the Asir region so that they could look after him.

Mohammed Akram claimed that his boy was only 48 hours old when he developed burns on his right foot. The baby boy, named Maaz, who is now a month old has not been able to sustain his health. He first complained to the hospital management regarding his by condition, yet the management wasn’t cooperative and did not entertain him rightly.

Hospital is not accepting its mistake

The father claims that the boy has sustained the burns while he was in the nursery, however now the hospital is refusing to treat them and are not accepting the fact that the burns were sustained in the nursery,

Being helpless, Akram lodged a complaint at the Health Ministry’s toll-free emergency number 937. Immediately he was directed by the Department of Health Affairs to lodge a formal complaint against the hospital and their management.

In a statement, Akram said that the condition of his one-month-old is not stable and he requests the concerned departments for his treatment and investigation to the matter. It has been one month yet the parents are clueless that how did the burns developed on the baby’s foot?

5264 Afghan infant sustains burns at hospital nursery in Saudi Arabia

Who is accountable for those burns?

The child is suffering from a month and yet we don’t know who is responsible for it! According to a medical report developed by the Maternity and Children’s Hospital on the request of Akram, the child has deep burns on his right foot. The burned area has a diameter of four centimeters.

The bones of the child were not affected by the burns. The report also claims that the child would recover in 4 weeks if there is no medical hurdle or a setback.

The Police Intervention

The police have now jumped into the matter and on their directions, the hospital in Khamis Mushayt is treating the child. The police have also asked them to hand over the medical reports to the father and to keep the father updated with the child’s health.

It is quite painful for the parents as well as the child. May Allah keep the children of all of us safe and sound!

Source: Saudi Gazette

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