Adult women living in a separate house is not punishable

A few months earlier women were allowed to travel alone without their male members and now they have also got the right to live alone in a separate house. This was announced by the Saudi court this week.

Court Ruling

This Monday a court in the capital of Saudi Arabia announced that a woman living alone or enjoying her freedom in a separate house is not a punishable act. The citizen is an independent adult and also stable enough, thus she has the right to decide the place to live.

What made the court issue this decision?

The lawyer Abdul Rahman said that a public prosecutor filed a lawsuit against a young woman who was residing all alone in an Apartment in Riyadh. The Public Prosecutor accused the woman of missing from her family home for being independent.

The lawyer said the Public prosecutor asked the court to prosecute the young woman for leaving her family and remaining absent from her family home repeatedly. He also sued the woman for traveling all alone to Riyadh without her father’s consent.

However, after pondering over the case the court dismissed the lawsuit and claimed that “a sane adult woman’s enjoyment of freedom in a separate house is not a punishable act.”

Source: Saudi Gazette

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