Adam Al-Hawwash: A Saudi who performs 700 Tawafs of Holy Kaaba every month

Adham Al-Hawwash is a Saudi national who claims to perform around 700 tawafs around the Holy Kaaba every month. He, however, has been unable to perform his Hajj. Al Hawwash is a man who is in his middle age.

He carries a wheelchair and rents his services. Sick, disabled and old people are carried by him. Such pilgrims who are unable to perform their tawaf, rent services of people like Al Hawwash. This year during Hajj season, Al Hawwash rented his wheelchair to pilgrims who wanted to perform 7 tawafs around holy Kaaba.[irp]

He would carry them on his wheelchair and perform 7 tawafs around the holy Kaaba. This month, he carried about 100 pilgrims. This means that he performed 700 tawafs around the Holy Kaaba.  Unluckily, he did not have enough time to think for his own Hajj. He did perform 700 tawafs but not a Hajj.

He added that his poor financial status did not allow him to perform Hajj. The financial constraints and responsibility of his family on his shoulders did not let him fulfill the fifth pillar of Islam. He has to work hard to meet the needs of his family. Al Hawwash has been providing the wheelchair service to the guests of Allah from many years.

A few years back he started this work upon his mother’s advice. It was his mother who guided him for this work. He is indeed a respecting son, he disclosed that before going to work, he always kisses the forehead of his mother. The job of Al Hawawash is by no means easy, Tawaf is a difficult process especially when you have to carry someone with you.

Describing the toughness of his job, he said that he goes through back pain but ties a piece of cloth on his waist to reduce it. Walking for quite a few time does give foot ache and soreness, so Al Hawwash would just wear heavy stockings to avoid them. His job is difficult and tiring, yet lack of finances is the only reason he has undertaken this job.

He earns well through his service provision. He charges SR 100 per person. As he carried 100 persons this month, he was able to make around SR 10,000! Hajj and the month of Ramadan are the peak time of his money making, these two months allow him to earn well and save for future.

During these years, he has gained experience in pushing the wheelchair. He says that it is a work that requires one to use tactics, observe the peak hours and to distribute work with time so that one does not get exhausted and falls ill. Health is a necessary factor for the job.

Al Hawwash told that he daily eats dates and banana. These two foods were his source of energy. The kind person also guides his customers with the Duas that Prophet PBUH used to make.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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