Abu Sin reveals why did he make those videos for which he was arrested?

There are clips viral on the social media of video chats of a Saudi with an American girl in revealing clothes. The news was published in a newspaper as well about this Saudi Arabia’s well-known (not in good terms) celebrity, Abu Sin (the toothless one).

He was put behind the bars because his video chats with an American girl were exposed. He had a detailed talk with Al-Arabiya.net for the first time where he chose to reveal his private life details.[irp]

He introduced himself with his name Abu Sin, born in August 1997 in Riyadh. He is a 20-year-old young man who completed his secondary education specializing in Shariah studies.

Abu Sin, who now stopped his online activities from the time he was arrested, told that his favorite hobbies were shooting and drawing and during his free time, the social media played a very important role in his life.

He further told that earlier in this year he had a foot surgery for which he was admitted to a hospital. He was on bed rest and so had to sit at home for most of his day. During this rest, he discovered the new application called You Now. 

Most of his day was filled with depression and sadness lying bored and idle. But his two hours spent on You Now designing funny sketches with people filled him with amusement and pleasure.

Most of that time he used to have a conversation with a little Californian girl named Christina Crockett. They both did not understand each other’s language i.e. Abu Sin did not understand English and she did not know Arabic which led to some comedic moments between them.

While the majority audience had no trouble with Abu Sin’s content, there were several complaints of Crockett’s revealing garments. His films then were noticed by Riyadh’s police force and he was arrested immediately because of unethical practice.

They claimed that his films were tempting for viewers especially the youth and welcomed unconstructive concentration from the audience around the globe on Saudi Arabia. He said that his parents’ feedback was ordinary and regular as they were familiar with their son’s habits.

Those who did not know Abu Sin were judgemental and expressed negative feelings for him. He was asked to disclose more details about his life but Abu Sin chose to have some secrets as per him this also tempts the viewers to know him more.

Current rumors suggest that Abu Sin was offered to perform during a carnival in the city of Madina. But the city’s officials announced that it was just a rumor. Abu Sin revealed that this was true that he had been approached by the carnival’s organizers.

He said that he was offered by an organizer that they want to show his posters publicly and for that, he was going to be rewarded. When the news came out, unexpectedly the organizers changed their mind and started denying the rumors. Abu Sin wanted to contact them again but they blocked him on WhatsApp.

Source: Al Arabiya

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