Abu Ghayth: An old man who found 1,000 Dinars and returned it

An Old man lost his wallet during Hajj

Ibn Jarir at-Tabari narrates that while he was in Makkah, just when the Hajj was near a man rose up to make an announcement. The man belonged to Khurasaan and claimed that he had lost a pouch containing one thousand dinars.

He pleaded the pilgrims and the people of Makkah that if anyone had found it shall return it. The person returning shall gain rewards of the hereafter, he shall be rewarded by Allah and shall enjoy the bounties on the Day of Judgment.

Listening to this, an old man from the public came close to Khurasaani and said that the city of Makkah is going through an economic depression: it has been hard for people to make a good profit and the Hajj days are almost over.

Your money might be with a believer who is poor and old. He might give you your money only if you give him some reward. You may promise that the person returning shall be rewarded with some reward money from within those 1000 dinars.

He didn’t offer any reward

Khurasaani was a bit surprised at it and inquired how much does that old and poor man require? The old man said that you shall give away one-tenth of 1000 dinars. Make those 100 dinars halals for him to use.

On this, the owner of the money said that he shall not give away any money as reward money to the old and poor man. He said that he shall take the case to Allah on the day of the judgment as Allah alone is sufficient for all and He is the most trustworthy one.

Ibn Jarir at-Tabari comprehended that the old and poor man who has the money is the one who was just in conversation with khurasaani. The man must require some money and thereby was asking for a portion of it. So, At Tabari followed him until the old man reached his home.

He listened to his conversation

At-Tabari hid back at the window of the small house of the old man listened to his conversation with the wife. He called his wife out loud by name of Oh Lubabah. Her wife approached him by softly saying that Abu Ghayth I am coming to your service.

Abu Ghayth then told his wife that he found the man who is the owner of these 1000 dinars. I persuaded him to give out a portion of this lump-sum amount to the one who returns you the money, but he rejected saying that he wants it all and that he will take his case to Allah Almighty.

He then asked his wife that he is not sure that what he shall do next. He shall return the money because if he doesn’t his sins will be multiplied.

They had been living in poverty for long

Fearing the loss of money his wife said that we have been living in poverty for 50 years. We have 4 daughters, your 2 sisters and my mother to take care after and you are saying that you will return all the money.

His wife then suggested that he shall utilize all the money to bring food and cloth for the 10 of the family members. One day Allah will make him a rich man and then he shall return all the money to the very man whom this money belongs. Allah Almighty knows our condition and shall forgive us.

I cannot eat Haram at this stage of life

On this Abu Ghayth got shocked and rose his voice saying that it is not possible for him to consume haram after earning and eating halal for 86 years? Shall he now fill his stomach with fire and burn me in the hereafter in the fire of hell? I am near my death and I shall certainly not commit this sin.

At-Tabari left their house in amazement. He felt bad for the old man and his wife. During the evening, while he was out, he again saw Khurasaani addressing the public. This time he also uttered the same words. He appealed the person having the pouch to return for the greater rewards of the hereafter.

The old man came up with the suggestion again

The very old man again rose and said that dear man haven’t I told you earlier that the cultivation has been low, and the condition of people are not good. If you don’t want the person holding your money to commit a sin, you shall give him some portion of the money. If not 100 dinars, you may give him 10 dinars.

Khurasaani wasn’t willing to give 10 dinars either. He again said that he shall take his case to Allah on the Day of Judgment for Allah is sufficient for all and is the most trustworthy.

The old man left in a disappointment while the people disperse. The next day Khurasaani was there with the same appeal. The old man again rose and said that haven’t I asked you to give a portion of the lost money to the finder? I asked you to give 100 dinars, you refused. I then asked you to give 10 dinars and you refused. No, I ask you to give the old and poor man a dinar only so that he may buy things for his family to fulfill their needs.

Khurasaani wasn’t willing to even give a dinar and thereby said that he will take the case to Allah Almighty on the Day of Judgment as He is sufficed and the one to be trusted.

The old man returned the money

On this, the old man raises with anger and said follow me, so that I may return the money. The money has caused me discomfort since I have taken it. I couldn’t sleep well nor had a good mood. Khurasaani followed the man to his home. The old man dug a hole to take out the hidden money and asked the man to pray for forgiveness of the old man.

Khursaaani returned back the money to the old man

Khurasaani was to leave the house with money, but then he returned to the old man that his father died to leave behind 3000 dinars and a will that 1000 dinars be given to a deserving person. Since I left Khurasan, I haven’t found a more deserving person than you. So thereby take the money for you were indeed patient over your poverty.

The old man was filled with tears and prayed for the khursaani and his father. The old man saw At-Tabir and invited him inside saying that he knows he had been keeping an eye on him. At Tabari greeted him and said that the money is halal for him to use.

The old man distributed 1000 dinars among the 10 family members equally. After 16 years At Tabari visited Makkah and found out that the man had died while both his daughters were married to a king and a prince.

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