Abu Abdullah: A Saudi man with 53 wives

A Saudi man Abu Abdullah claims that he has done 53 marriages. In a video, he is boasting about the fact that he has been married not once or twice but 53 times.

While he has not told about how many children he has, he has told that his shortest marriage lasted for 2 months while the longest lasted for 25 years.

Does Islam allow 53 marriages?

Many people start complaining that this kind of practice is not allowed in Islam. Islam allows a man to have 4 wives at a time.

In case of death or divorce, he can marry another woman but the number of wives at a time would not increase 4.

In the case of Abu Abdullah, he was having a maximum of 4 wives at a time. He got married to another woman only after the divorce of a previous one.

Abu Abdullah Advice

Abu Abdullah advises men not to be afraid of marriages and divorces, most people claim men should remain content and try to settle down!

Such videos not only grab the attention of people but also start a debate. While most social media users are amazed at the man, others call that this is not something to be proud of.

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