AbdulAziz: A Saudi chef who earns SR 70,000 a month

Cooking is a passion, and if turned into a profession, can help you earn a good living. This is especially true for the young Saudi chef named Abdul Aziz. Abdul Aziz claims that this profession helps him earn a good amount of money.

He indeed is a hard-working employee, an employee who works exceptionally and thus is able to earn as much as SR 35,000 a month.

Abdul Aziz Al-Mutawa, in an interview, revealed that he has been working as a chef for 14 years now. This is an art that requires patience and hard work. Talking about the salary that chefs earn in Saudi Arabia, he said that it starts from 8000 riyals a month and reaches SR 30,000 to SR 35,000 riyals.

However, there is no limit to this income. It all depends upon the amount of effort you put in. Some months you can earn SR 12,000, while in some SR 30,000 or even SR 60,000 to SR 70,000 a month.

It is a profession that paves you rewards according to the time you spend and effort you put in. you can provide services for 24-hours. In the end, he wanted to encourage more people to get into this profession which rewards with respect and money greatly.

Source: Urdu News

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