Abdul Latif: A master’s graduate Saudi who sells tea for his living

Abdul Latif Al Jarfan, a master graduate from America becomes a tea seller in Saudi Arabia. Without wasting his time looking for jobs, he started his own small business of selling tea.

Abdul Latif Al Jarfan’s determination:

Abdul Latif graduated in Information system and Security management with excellent grades from the USA. On returning to the Kingdom, he started selling tea when he did not find a good job.

He also motivated those who are in search of a perfect job and feel shame to do small businesses as Abdul Latif did. There is no shame in Halal work.

The Saudi government’s response

According to records of the National Labour Portal, the young man had previously worked in five jobs, in several sectors, including banking, medical, tourism, and food, and his monthly salary in one of the jobs reached 8,000 riyals, but he did not settle in any of them.

Riyad Bank response

Riyad bank came up with a very positive message, they not only encouraged his determination but also tweeted that they would contact him soon for a personal interview.

Source: Sabq

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