A Worker returns to India with a newborn after burying his young wife

You would be deeply grieved to read about an unfortunate accident happened with an Indian who was residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The unfortunate story is of a young Indian worker, whose dreams turned into a terrifying nightmare because of visa troubles in which he had no fault.

Indian worker, Mazharuddin and his wife Ameera Banu, both arrived Saudi Arabia from the Indian city of Hyderabad, gathered with dreams and a great future’s hope.

They both arrived in the Kingdom on employment visas but unfortunately, they were unable to obtain an Iqama. Being employees, they both were listed in the red Nitaqat category which is set by the labor of Ministry. 

Nitaqat program is set by the Labor Ministry in which there is a grading system for evaluation and to determine the level of Saudization in the private companies. In case of the red nitaqat category, a company cannot renew the Iqamas of their employees.

They both had no such desires to take the wrong advantage of the law but the couple was forced to do so because of their current difficult circumstances. The difficult scenario compelled them to stay as an illegal resident in the Kingdom.

During the stay, Ameera Banu became pregnant and this added to the couple’s stress more. According to the family sources, the happy news became sad due to non-issuance of iqama.

Ameera Banu did not avail any health insurance facility and did not get the immediate medical care which she deserved during her pregnancy.

Due to them being the illegal residents, the couple also could not call any of their relatives to come to the Kingdom on visit visa to take care of the pregnant woman and post delivery.

Ameera Banu then gave birth to Arhanuddin on Feb. 3, 2017, but died in hospital after three days of delivery. The Grieved father went back to his native home after he burying his young wife who just passed away three days ago after giving birth to his son.

Mazharuddin was already exhausted by the bad circumstances and then the death of his wife gave him a great shock. His wife’s body also could not possibly be sent back to home due to iqama-related issues.

Mazharuddin buried his wife in Riyadh. He did not register the birth of his son in the Civil Affairs because his parents did not hold permanent residency. According to the rule, both parents must hold valid iqamas and passports when they apply for the birth registration of a baby who is born in the Kingdom.

Birth notification issued from the hospital needs to be attached with the form. Having receipt of the application with all the relevant documents needs to be presented to the Civil Affairs Department in the Ministry of Interior to issue a birth certificate.

This way any newborn baby will be issued a residency permit in the dependent category. Recommended: Procedure to Apply for Iqama of Newly Born Child – Born in Saudi Arabia

However, the infant was issued an exit visa by the concerned authorities on a humanitarian basis. Mazharuddin took a sigh of relief after three months of a general amnesty.

With the help of the Indian Embassy, Mazharuddin returned home and left bitter memories in the Kingdom. May his wife’s soul rest in Peace (Ameen).

Source: Saudi Gazette

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