A woman’s body disappears from a locked morgue in Yanbu

A morgue or mortuary is a place in a hospital used for the storage of human dead bodies waiting for detection or ready for autopsy or disposal by funeral, cremation or another method.

Nowadays, dead bodies are usually cooled to stop them from decay. The morgue contains 20-40 feet long containers/boxes where the bodies are chilled between 2°C and 4°C, but each of this charge a large amount of fuel to run as they have so much area to accommodate the dead body.[irp]

If storage option is used, each body or body part is kept in a body bag or covered in a sheet before storing.  Water-resistant tags like paper in preserved plastics are attached with an exceptional detection number on storing containers.

They can identify bodies from these numbers. They do not tag detection numbers on dead bodies or body bags/covers as they can rub out simply during storage. On Wednesday, press reports stated that in Madina, the dead body of an Ethiopian woman strangely vanished from a hospital storage area in Yanbu.

Somebody told that the dead body was stored at the General Hospital Yanbu but it was then shifted to Al-Nakhl Hospital Yanbu. It is stated by the source that the Ethiopian woman was pregnant, who came into General Hospital Yanbu with another woman at 1:00 a.m.

The Ethiopian woman was shifted to the emergency ward urgently. But before the hospital could move her to a room, she expired of heart problems. The source also explained that the checkup statement disclosed the name of the patient, her sexual category, age and date and the place of death.

The checkup report also stated the reason which caused the death of the patient. The reason was that her heart stopped beating and she could not breathe properly due to major heaviness caused by the pregnancy.

The source also said that the dead body was placed in the hospital’s dead body storage area. After two days, the patient’s dead body was shifted because there was a major breakdown in the chilling system of the hospital morgue. The hospital had shifted total five dead bodies to the morgue Al-Nakhl Hospital Yanbu which included the dead body of the Ethiopian woman also. 

The Director of General Hospital Yanbu, Ahmad Sulaiman, ordered the management of the hospital to transfer the dead bodies until the chilling system at the hospital morgue was fixed as the dead bodies had to be returned to their relatives for the funeral, reported by the source.

He also told that the dead bodies were transferred back from Al-Nakhl Hospital Yanbu to General Hospital Yanbu after the chilling system was fixed. However, the Ethiopian woman’s dead body went missing in weird surroundings.

Explanations were demanded on the weird case. Madina Health Affairs presenter, Fuad Al-Dugl, told the press and the media that the Health Affairs management did not get any information yet and has no knowledge about such case in Yanbu.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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