A suspicious plastic bag found at a Girls’ elementary school, Riyadh

We have often heard that a suspicious bag was the reason for many heartbreaking incidents. Often these types of bags contain explosive materials that can cause massive destruction.

Also, cases have been reported where the bags contain illegal things which had caused trouble to people near it. Thereby people fear such suspicious bags and often get alerted or create panic. 

A similar incident occurred in a Saudi Arabian school recently. A suspicious plastic bag was found in a Girls’ elementary school. It was reported that the plastic bag was in the courtyard of a school in Saudi Arabia.

The school is in Riyadh which is the capital of the Kingdom.  The school namely the Yuba City School is in eastern suburbs of the city, Riyadh. However, when the plastic bag was left in the courtyard it created a panic among the staff.

Thereby the police were informed at the school was evacuated. The police now have confirmed that the plastic bag was harmless and contained no hazardous element.

The watchman of the school briefed that a lady came in with her two daughters by saying that she wanted to get her daughters register at the school. The watchman disclosed that the ages of the two girls (daughters of the lady) were 5 and 6 years respectively.

She was thereby allowed to enter the school premises. However, she was in a rush and left behind a plastic bag outside a class. She ran away in a hurry with her two daughters.  

Thereby the staff of the school got alerted and informed the police. The police patrols came in timely and evacuated the school to investigate the bag that seemed very suspicious.

However, upon investigating it was found that the bag only contained an adhesive tape. The bag was simply harmless: the lady must be in a hurry and left it behind unintentionally.

The police have now announced that the school is clear and the situation is normal. They say that everything was under control. The principal has also declared the situation to be normal.

The principal said that the police was contacted by the students and staff had created panic as they were disturbed by the presence of the suspicious bag. However, as the situation is normal, she wanted everyone to know about the reality and did not want to state any false news.

The facts have been presented honestly and there is neither exaggeration nor false allegation. What happened and what was revealed has been stated as it is.

Thanks to Allah that our children are safe and sound and no major incident happened. It is our great responsibility to report the unusual and suspicious things immediately.

We were lucky that the bag contained tape only; it could have contained hazardous objects. Always report to concerned authorities as soon as possible! May Allah keep us and our children safe! Amen!

It is our civilian duty to inform the authorities about any suspicious activity or suspicious thing we find at a public place. 

Source: Gulf News

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