A Sick Saudi Girl requests Crown Prince – Prince MBS sponsors it

Hala Al Enezi is a Saudi girl who went to the US for her treatment of chronic disease. When the girl’s condition wasn’t well and her leg had to be amputated, she felt the need of her mother.

She recorded a video message for MBS

She recorded a video and addressed the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud. She said that she misses her mother and needs her mother the most during her sufferings and the difficult time.

In an emotional video message, she pleaded for help from the crown prince. She said that she is like a daughter to him and that he shall help him. She needs to get united with her mother. She also blessed the crown prince in her message.

The video clip went viral and finally, the crown prince responded to it very positively. He granted Hala’s mother the financial assistance required for reuniting with her sick child in the US.

Prince’s response has been appreciated by the people. One of the users said that he is a great prince, he cares for his citizen even if they are not in the Kingdom.

Source: Gulf News

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