7 beautiful family parks in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

We know that there are limited entertainment opportunities in Saudi Arabia. Most of the entertainment opportunities are banned due to religious issues; others are inaccessible due to a ban on driving with women. Kids and women find it very difficult to spend their day at home. However, if they have a house near their home, they can still go there along with their kids. No one stops them from walking on the road. For expats, park search in Riyadh is one of the thrilling experiments. I took a list of parks in Riyadh and went on hunting with a guide to get maximum knowledge of parks in Riyadh. Here is the list of parks I came to know after my visit.[irp]

Prince Fahad Al Faisal Park: This park is one of the historical parks in Riyadh on the name of Prince Fahad Al Faisal. It has long shady trees with huge seating areas. The park is about to be transformed in a football playground very soon as preparations are in progress. It is one of the beautiful parks in Riyadh and every expat should visit it.

Camel’s Eye Park: Our next target was camel’s eye park. This park has historical significance as King Abdul Aziz used this park as hillock to take a visit of Riyadh city. This park is closed for women, only kids and men can visit the park whole week except Thursday, as the park close on Thursday. We visited the park on Thursday, so it was closed. After seeing the hillock, we came to know why Kind Abdul Aziz used this point to have a visit of the city. It is the highest point around the whole area. It was not as huge as I considered it. Then we moved ahead to hunt Al Maktaba Park

Al Maktaba Park: This park is named after the construction of King Fahad Library. The park is full of fountains, gardens, waterfalls and contains a clock tower.  It is under the process of reconstruction and redevelopment especially the library area. This park is more academic areas instead of an enjoyment zone where one can concentrate on reading and learning process within the serenity of manicured lawn and mesmerizing fountains. It is located at the King Fahad Road and Olaya Street where another beautiful Olaya park is situated.

The Chamber of Commerce/Durfa Park: This park has set up by Riyadh chamber of commerce that’s why it is termed so. It has several colored fountains and cycling tracks for kids. It has a fun area inside but it was closed when we visited the park. It is located near Royal Saudi Airbase with a spacious and expensive car parking area. There are numerous trees planted inside areas of the park with the best location to enjoy your picnic events. There were many adults enjoying cricket when we visited it.

Malaz Park: Malaz Park as described by Google as a huge and best park for kids and adult activities. There are same football areas as available in other parks for kids and elders. Cycling tracks and basketball areas are best to utilize your quality time here but again it is not available for women to enjoy these activities here.

Olaya Park: Olaya Park is the second name of entertainment zone where cool breeze freshens up your mind and flowery lines make your heart fill with bliss and joy. It requires an entrance fee. The centerpiece of the park is a covered fountain located a bit away from King Fahad Highway and on the back side of the Takasussi Specialist Medical Center. Normally kids use this area for cycling and for roller blade. It is the best place for a football game as well.  One side of the park area is reserved for slides and swing of young kids and other for basketball players. Again, these all activities are for boys and girls can only pass their time by walking and inhaling cool breeze. There were long date palms with surrounding long grass which required maintenance and trimming. The management of park seemed not very active as it may require the huge cost to incur due to a huge area of the park. The majority numbers of visitor seemed expats as women were not fully covered like native Saudi women.

The World Sight Park: If you want to travel the entire world in 1 hour, you should visit “The World Sights Park” situated in #Riyadh. It’s a perfect place to visit with your family and you can surprise your friends by taking selfies with Eiffel Tower, Blue Mosque, Pyramid, Big Ben, twin towers etc. Recommended: A Tour to “The World Sights Park” in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

These all above-mentioned parks in Riyadh city has well-spaced areas for physical and sports activities for boys and men. They usually have toilets with good management. It was the quality time we spent while hunting for entertainment zones. Again, girls are not allowed to practice sports and cycling activities although they all have maximum facilities for men and boys.


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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.