Saudi Woman who didn’t leave her ill husband’s for 25 years

Hattan Asali paid a tribute to his mother in a special way by posting a picture where a woman was sitting near a patient bed. According to Hattan, the woman that appeared in the photo is his mother and the patient is his quadriplegic father.

He explained how his mother stood by his ill father for 25 years never leaving his bedside and also never giving up her responsibilities.  He posted this photo along with this tweet that is translated from Arabic.

“A truth only a few people know that my father is quadriplegic and cannot move any of his limbs and cannot speak. He breathes and eats through tubes placed in his throat. The woman next to him is my mother.

She has sat beside him for over 25 years, taking care of him and us at the same time. From then to this present day she still does the same and also takes care of her grandchildren now. Is Mother’s Day enough to thank you, mom?”

His post went viral and thousands of people retweeted his posts across the Kingdom. People were totally moved by this post. Some cried and some were speechless to see this post.

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