A Saudi man who looks like Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman

Allah has created us and granted all of us with unique facial features and expressions. Every human being differentiates with other in cast, skin color, facial features, height etc.

But still, there are many people in this world who resembles others as it might be the wisdom of Allah and we are unaware of Allah’s planning. When a common individual resembles some famous celebrity, he is given much hype through our media and other sources.

Similar happened in Saudi Arabia when a common man came forward with some resemblance to a famous person. A footage of a Saudi man is causing quite a stir on Saudi Social media.

The video was posted on Facebook in February but now it was uploaded on Twitter where the people totally lost it and took the man who is identified as Eissa Abu Shaiba Al Mutairi as the real Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

If we look deeply in the Video of Al Mutairi, he totally looks like Prince Mohammad bin Salman from distance and people are mistaking him for being the young leader Mohammad bin Salman.

Al Mutairi worked in a special needs section of Riyadh’s national King Fahed Library. He is a normal Saudi citizen and said his intentions were not to impersonate his Leader Bin Salman and he was totally unaware that his video will get too much publicity for his resemblance to Crown Prince.

He said his video went viral unexpectedly after people mistakenly took him for being their young leader, the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. The amount of attention from the people reflect the importance of Crown Prince among the people of Saudi Arabia, he added.

However, Al Mutairi might not be the only doppelganger of Crown Prince but Al Mutairi made headlines online and his video completely went viral seeking special reaction and attention from the citizens of the Kingdom.

The video that went viral shows Al Mutairi visiting some special deaf-mute people in Riyadh. This was the time when people mistook his video and appreciated the video hailing the kindness of Prince Mohammad bin Salman by appreciating him for this deed of making a surprise visit to the poor deaf and mute people in Riyadh.

Later many of the people were surprised to know that the man in the video is not their Crown Prince but a common citizen.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.