A Saudi man dies during his mother’ funeral, got buried next to her

The Importance of Mother: Death is inevitable and it will approach you at any time and anywhere. It is a universal truth. Last week a news made headlines across the Kingdom. The most important person for anyone in this world none other than his/her own mother.

The Death of my Mother: I cannot forget the pain I had to go through when my mother passed away. Once she is gone, you can just recall the memories and repent upon not loving her as much as you should have. The death of my mother is undoubtedly the saddest day of my life.

Suleiman Mohammad al Quantier died on his Mother’s Funeral: A Saudi man died at his mother funeral. We don’t have the words to describe his death. I don’t understand the man was a lucky one to die alongside with his mother or it was a tragic incident for his beloved family.

This news widely spread everywhere. The man who was identified as Suleiman Mohammad al Quantier was a teacher. His mother died and he was busy attending his mother’s funeral and burial in Riyadh last Saturday where his death approached him.

How did he die? No doubt to say that mother’s death is a time of grief and a person has to stand with patience. Anyone could lose conscious at that time. People thought something similar happened to Suleiman when he fell over his mother’s grave during the burial prayer of his mother.

Buried next to his Mother: People immediately transferred him to a nearby hospital but he was pronounced dead soon after. Just after few hours of his mother funerals, Al Qunaiter funeral was held and he was buried right next to his mother.

Suleiman will stay with his mother till the day of judgment and no one would be able to separate them till the World Ends. This story of tragic and sudden death sparked a meltdown on Saudi Social media where thousands of people reacted to this story.

He was a teacher and thus his sudden and unexpected tragic death saddened many of his lovers. People mostly prayed for both, the mother and the son and all they have to say was May Allah unite the both in heaven.

These days when most of our new generation treat their parents as a burden once they get old, the level of love for Suleiman Mohammad al Quantier for his mother is worth appreciating.

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