A Saudi Girl kidnaps her Groom 2 days before her marriage

Kidnapping is a worldwide phenomenon. The crime takes place for various reasons. People (rather call them criminals) tend to kidnap others for money, to torture them for personal hatreds, in cases where that person is becoming an obstacle in their way and other various reasons. The Al Qirai Police station that is located in Bani Malik Governorate unfolded a case where the bride-to- be was found guilty of kidnapping the groom just two days before their marriage was to be held. This is shocking. Why would a bride kidnap the groom just two days before the marriage?[irp]

According to the Al Qirai police, they have reported that a 48-years old man was missing. The man had last called his fiancée and told her that he had been abducted by two men. The whole incident took place in Al Qairi. The abducted man has revealed that two men, who pretended to be police officers, showed up as he was heading towards his house. They pulled him out of the car and searched him. They found with him SR 20,000 which they snatched away. They headed him towards a strange and quite place while his hands were tied at the back.

There, the men physically abused him. The 48 years old groom-to-be revealed that he was beaten up and was even stripped. The abductors also took naked photographs of him. After they were done with torturing, the kidnappers left him in a valley near the borders of Al Mandaq Governorate which lies near Baha. The man was told by the two posting officers that he was summoned by the Al Mandaq police.  

The poor person thereby reached the Al Mandaq Police station. He still believed that the two men were the police officers. When he reached there and spilled his story, the police were shocked. They revealed that he was not in their wanted- list at all. The police readily took an action and sent the case to the Al Qairi police station for detailed investigation.[irp]

The groom to be was unable to describe the men in details. However, in the whole incident, his fiancée was being named. So the police started to investigate his fiancée. She was called to the police station where she denied of having any contact with her fiancé. Her mobile was investigated but she had already deleted the call records. She left the police station saying that she had to start preparations for her marriage.

The day when the wedding was scheduled, the police was able to arrest the two abductors. They revealed that the fiancée was the one who had given all the directions. She was the one who wanted her fiancé to get kidnapped.

The fiancée was then approached by the police on her wedding noon and she confessed that she did not want to get married to her fiancé and arranged everything. She said that her friend helped her in plotting the scene. The fiancée was thereby arrested for the crime of kidnapping her fiancé and making him go through torture for sake of canceling the marriage. She is now admitted to the Dar Al-Fatayat Protection Home along with another woman who helped her.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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