A Saudi Girl arrested by HAIA for riding a bike with a Non-Mahram Man

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the homeland of the Holy Prophet Mohammad and also the home place of Islam which was spread at the time of the Prophet-hood of Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). The country follows a comparatively strict code of conduct and social norms in comparison to the western world. There are certain things that you just cannot do inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as they are immoral and also illegal. However, not everybody understands this and there are some people who foolishly think that they can evade the authorities while they carry out any and all immoral acts. The following story is no different.[irp]

The law enforcement authorities in Riyadh have just arrested a girl and a man who had been allegedly violating the public morals and code of conduct. The spokesman for the Riyadh Police Department, Colonel Fawaz Al Mayman has stated to the media that the Riyadh police had received several reports of sightings of a man along with a girl, riding a motorcycle together. The Riyadh Police officers, who then proceeded to follow up on the sighting reports, chased the reported motorcycle after they were successful in tracking it down.

Upon tracking them down the girl got off the motorcycle and proceeded to enter another car with another man, and the man on the motorcycle decided to take a different route. The report by the police states that the man in the car, that the girl got into was also Non-Mahram to that woman. Recommended: Who is considered Mahram in Islam?

The Riyadh police officers were successful in arresting the male driver of the vehicle along with the girl, however, they were unable to arrest the motorcyclist and the police are still on a lookout for him. The male driver of the vehicle and the girl were subsequently handed over to the Commission for Prevention of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, also known as HAIA force. As stated earlier that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a very conservative society and such brazen, bold or uncouth acts by women are not appreciated in the lands of the Kingdom, however, they are looked down upon gravely and almost all the time carry with them jail sentences, lashes and also monetary fines. There is also the chance of deportation if the accused party is an expatriate.

It is advised to all the youth and the elderly and everyone in between that we must always respect the customs, traditions, and norms of the host country or your own nation, especially if the violation of norms, traditions and breaking the code of conduct are also a legal offense.[irp]

Not only are these immoral acts prohibited by the laws of the land or the social norms, but also have been prohibited in the Islamic teachings, if you do not respect the laws, or norms of the country, which you should be respecting in the first place, one should respect the teachings and adhere to the prohibitions set on the Muslims. It is indeed for our own good.

Source: Saudi Gazette


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