A Saudi finds SR 105,000 in a parking lot and returns the money

Even though most of us aren’t lucky enough to find cash on the road, many of us would just bump into empty wrappers of candies, yet have you ever wondered what will you do if you suddenly get your eyes on a bundle of notes lying on the road?

Well, I do not know about you guys, but this Saudi man deserves a round of applause for serving humanity.

Mosaed Al Maliki, identified as a Saudi National, recently got his hands on a bundle of money lying in the parking lot of Makkah. It wasn’t just a bundle of money: it’s worth was 105,000 riyals (which is equivalent to $27,997).

He made a video and shared it on social media

The man picked it up without an intention for greed and started to search for its rightful owner. He made a video sharing that he had found a great sum of money at a parking lot in Mecca and wishes to return it to the owner. His video went viral on social media.

He also said that the one who claims the money to be his shall provide details of the money so that Maliki would have an assurance that money is being handed down to the rightful owner.

Maliki had also given an interview where he told that once he found the money on weekend at the mall’s parking zone, he informed the security there and dropped his number with them.

The owner contacted him soon

It was within hours that an elderly Saudi man contacted Maliki giving him all the right details of the bundle of money. He told that he had dropped it while he was parking his car and realized it later. Maliki returned the entire cash to the man.

Now, Maliki has emerged as a hero on social media where his generous act has been well praised. People commented that with people like Maliki still present, they are hopeful about the fact that humanity is still present.

People reacted on Social Media

While it has been truly exceptional to return such a hefty amount, some people pointed out that he does not deserve praise as what he did is purely a duty of a citizen. Every Saudi citizen is duty bound to return valuables of others that have been found in such a manner.

However, others pointed out that any good act shall be praised to keep the good alive in society.

Yet, in general, people have been glad over the young man’s act of righteousness claiming that such acts shall be praised. It is not an easy task to bury your lust, get into trouble of finding a rightful owner and returning the money.

Some kept the humor alive saying that he could have shared a few riyals with them and that they haven’t been lucky to find a single riyal on the road!

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