A Saudi Father gifts Car to his daughter for passing 6th standard in Jeddah

A Saudi father has just offered his daughter, a set of gold bangles and a brand new car. What did she do, you ask? She just completed her elementary school education. Yeah, you read that right. The daily Saudi news source Al-Madina has reported that the father was extremely keen upon expressing his immense happiness for his daughter’s elementary school graduation.[irp]

The father proceeded to park the car with several emotional messages of congratulations right in front of her school in Jeddah, The Red Sea City, and then proceeded to surprise her. A picture of his daughter Jenna standing on the seat of the car naturally went viral on social media platforms, which prompted a variety of comments.

The concept of gifts is a strong feature in the Gulf societies, regardless of the fact that they may be incredibly lavish. Last year, we wrote about a Saudi husband who had publicly gifted his wife a car when she graduated from college. The happy husband had decorated the new car for his wife with messages of congratulations and then drove it all the way to the Northern Borders University, where his wife went to college in order to pick her up. He told her that it was his gift to her.

The public gift to the woman, in an area which is highly conservative, prompted the local Saudi people to start a hashtag as a tribute to the passion which was found between the husband and the wife and to also have an online conservation amongst the social media users. One tweet stated that there is no limit to the support a wife can get from her spouse. One stated that celebrating graduation together is a healthy infection of the love found between them.

In July another Saudi woman had planned to surprise her father with a gift for him, however, she was surprised with a bigger gift from her father. Umm Fuad stated that she had decided upon getting a car for her father for the occasion of Eid as a gesture of gratitude for everything he had done for her and more.

She stated that she wanted to express her gratitude and hence decided along with her husband to surprise her father with a brand new car. He had always been there for her and supported her morally and financially as well and she had wanted to show part of her appreciation.[irp]

Umm Fuad, who had been in her 40s, along with her husband went to her father’s residence to surprise him with the present. When the father was handed over the keys, he was so happy he told them that he had given them a plot of land in appreciation of their kind gesture.

She states that it was a huge surprise for her. She added that she thinks she will never be able to match his generosity and is extremely grateful for everything. Comments made by the users online were appreciative of both daughter and father for their dedication and generosity.

Source: Gulf News

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