A Saudi doctor dies while performing a surgery

A Saudi Surgeon died of a heart attack while performing surgery in the operation heather. He despite having stomach pain refused to rest and joined in to perform the surgery of his patient.

Mahdi Al Emari, who was an orthopedic surgeon at the Khamid Mushait Hospital of Asir Region located in the South West of Saudi Arabia, died of a Heart attack.

Dr. Majid Al Shehri, who is the head of the orthopedic department at the hospital, revealed that the medical examination claim death due to a heart attack.

He also added that Al Emari had set an example of professionalism and humanity. Despite his own severe stomach pain, he made a sacrifice and performed his duties until the last moment. He himself insisted on performing the surgery.

 Dr. Al Shehri proclaimed Al Emari as Work Martyr. Social media users describe Al Emari as a hero who sacrificed his life to save another.

Source: Gulf News

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