A Saudi arrested for abusing an Expat

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the Pubic Prosecution has announced the order of arresting the Saudi citizen who had been found guilty of abusing a non-Saudi.

The video clipping where a Saudi has been witnessed abusing a Non-Saudi who belongs to the Asian region and does not know Arabic. The abuse was followed by a conversation which was based on an invitation to Islam.

A video clip

The video after undergoing forensic examination by the Monitoring Center of the Public Prosecution was found to be original and thereby the case proceeded.

According to the sources, the Public Prosecution is undertaking the case while assuring that the dignity and the legitimate freedom rights of both the parties i.e. is the citizen and resident, be impinged while exercising their statutory powers.

A lesson to learn

There is a lesson to learn from this incident for all expats living in Saudi Arabia that they should avoid passing hateful comments to others. 

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