Saudi arrested for abusing an expat wearing shumagh mask

Last week a video dragged the attention of every viewer. The video showed a Saudi man abusing an expat and later hitting him hard for wearing a shumagh mask. The expat was wearing a face mask made of Shumagh fabric.

He was wearing a mask made of Shumagh fabric

Shumagh Fabric is the fabric of which Saudi men traditional headdress is made. It was reported that the person made fun of him and also assaulted the expat for wearing such a mask.

The public prosecution ordered to arrest the offender according to the Article (15, 17) of the law of Criminal Procedure. An official source at the Public Prosecution stated that the arrest order was issued after completing the research and investigation procedure.

After the arrest, he will be referred to the Public Prosecution for further legal investigation in this matter. The complaint was filed by the parliament monitoring center an affiliation to the public prosecution after the video went viral.

Viral Video

The monitoring center carefully investigated the video and found out that the Saudi citizen is using abusive language against the expat and also bashed him. He hit him hard without telling him the reason or warning him.

The Public prosecution were able to arrest the offender of the Law. The suspected was arrested in Abha city in the Aseer Province.

The prosecution also appealed to the citizens to stick to morals and show the spirit of responsibility. Respect other’s dignity and religious value. It is clear that it is not the way to treat anyone without alarming him about the matter.

The Saudi citizen will be punished

However, being a responsible citizen we all want the Saudi citizen should be punished for his ill manner behavior toward the expat because if such incidents are left unnoticed, it will be a source of degrading the Kingdom’s reputation in the eye of foreigners.

Fortunately, the Public Prosecution confirmed that there will be no leniency toward those who insult human dignity and harm public security. Anyone carrying abusive practices will not be pardoned at any cost.

Source: Okaz

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