Pakistani who saved money for 43 years for Hajj dies in Makkah

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He saved money for 43 years

Going to Makkah to perform Hajj is the dream of every Muslim. Here is the story of a man who saved money for more than 43 years to fulfill his wish of performing the Hajj.

Viral Picture

A picture of a Pakistani pilgrim who died while wearing Ihram has been going viral. 

He saved money for 43 years to perform Hajj. He did not lose hope and saved money for this extended period in an urge to offer Hajj.

He sold his land to perform Hajj

The story revealed that this pilgrim did not have enough means to perform Hajj. He used to own some land which he sold to his friend, and later worked on that land to save money for his Hajj.

Time passed and after the struggle of 43 years, the old man saved enough money to perform Hajj. This thing indeed brings tears to our eyes.

He was found lying on his right side after his soul departed. Just imagine how strong his wish was to come to the House of Allah that Allah called him to His place (heavens).

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