A painful story of every housemaid in Saudi Arabia

This is the story of every housemaid who lands in the gulf looking for a better future for their family.

They were smirking at her. She was unsure of the decision she has made, but her courage never let her give away.

Traveling miles from her land, in search of a future for her shadow, carrying small hand luggage on her back which contains responsibilities of her tale.

When you look at her, all you see.  She’s looking at everything that’s new and scary. 

‘Yallah yallah’, when she hears, she’s confused at once.

She looks around, here and there, and calms herself down. It’s her responsibility which made me come here where humans are like me in different ways.

It is hard for her to explain, thinking of home from where she came. She collects herself thinking, maybe her step to work would improve her family’s lifestyle.

She waited long to reach this foreign land now. Now waiting for her sponsor to respond. She turns around and realized her own community members are giving her a strange look like a stain on her cloth but when I saw her,  I smiled at her.

She looked at me as if I was a ray in this cloudy sky. She smiled back at me in such a way as a hope in the bay.

I looked at her and just left because I saw her sponsor recognized that she is his housemaid, yallah amshee he said, I knew her journey just beginning.

I knew her meter is down and prayed to God that she finds a good house where she will be treated like a human being and will return back home on her feet. 

I have noted in many cases some travel back in a casket or a wheelchair. while others never meet their families again.

Whenever I see this warrior in their uniform. I bless them in such a way, that I hope they achieve their goal and land back to their loved ones for whom they had traveled to touch the sky.

I know her agent must have told her fairy tales there is a country where money grows on plants and trees just rub the lamp and I’m your Genie. Your wishes will be fulfilled like your dream.

Trust me I’m the only Genie when actually he’s Jin. She trusted her agent who sold her out without her knowledge she only realized when she reaches.

Five fingers aren’t always the same. Some get good sponsors who believe in God, treat them like their family and friends because they know that she is The Queen of her own Kingdom which she had left behind faraway from here.

Written by Shaheen Sayyed.
[email protected]

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