Taimoor sentenced to death for Prophet Muhammad ﷺ blasphemy

Taimoor Raza is a Shia who belongs to the city of Lahore and has been found guilty of Blasphemy. It has been proved that he uploaded content that showed disrespect for the wives of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and some of the Sunni prominent leaders. 

The news is that Taimoor Raza committed blasphemy when he was arguing with one of the officials of the counter-terrorism department. So it was easy to crack Taimoor Raza down.

The counter-terrorism department arrested Taimoor Raza and presented evidence against him. The Judge Mr. Shabbir Ahmad Awan heard the case in the city of Bahawalpur.

Mr. Shabbir found Taimoor Raza guilty of openly insulting the Prophet Muhammad using the medium of Facebook. As this act is not tolerable, Taimoor Raza has been sentenced to death.

This news has been disclosed by the prosecutor of the case Mr. Shafiq Qureshi. However, the defense lawyer has assured that his client has been wrongly charged and that they would appeal against the decision

Try to avoid fights on social media that are of religious nature as religion is very dear to everyone. And let’s just enjoy our lives and religion! We hope that we won’t be hearing such news in future.  

Source: Arab News

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