A mother killed her 4 children by accident with cough syrup

Mothers tend to wake up all night in worry if their children are not well. She would be there to nurse her children all day and all night just forsake of the health of her children. In return, she would not even ask for a reward or a return. However, a sad incident took place when a mother mixed cough syrup and milk.

A mother who killed her four children

A mother’s love is indeed unconditional and is beyond measure. A mother does not have the heart to give pain to her children as she is the one blessed to give them life. But then, we are going to share a story of a mother who killed her children! Yes, a mother who killed her four children.

The worst scenario is that she killed them accidentally. Although, there have been incidents were mothers, out of poverty killed her own children, this was because she could not see her kids suffer starvation and aftermaths of poverty.

A lesson for all parents

The story that we are sharing here has a lesson for all the parents because here a mother killed her children unintentionally. We need to learn from her story as we all love our children and don’t want to harm them intentionally or unintentionally.

This is the story of a mother who had four children. As the weather was cold, all were suffering from cough and cold. They have prescribed a cough syrup before sleep. As all refused to drink the cough syrup directly, she mixed it in the milk and gave it to them.

Milk with Cough Syrup

All four drank their glass of milk which was mixed with cough syrup. The children went off to sleep and so did the mother. The mother was carefree now: her children have taken their medicine and now were sound asleep. None coughed that night.

The mother was happy: her children were finally gaining their health back. She was so worried for them as the cough was really bad, she could not see her children coughing in a terrible manner: they would cough with their lungs out!

Yet, she woke up to her greatest nightmares. None of the children were conscious: they wouldn’t move nor breathe. The children were rushed to hospital but the parents were told that they were already dead!

5000 A mother killed her 4 children by accident with cough syrup

What killed the children?

To our surprise, the mixture of cough syrup and milk is what killed all the 4 children. The milk and the cough syrup get along to undergo a chemical reaction causing it to become poisonous.  Dear Parents, be careful and spread this information!

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