A mentally disabled Saudi memorizes the Holy Quran

All around the world, there are people who have been able to preserve the Quran in their hearts. There are young and old who have been blessed to memorize the Holy Book. These people are not only blessed but also are sharp enough to preserve the holy Book in their hearts.

However, what if I tell you that a mentally disabled man just happened to have memorized the Holy Quran? You will be indeed shocked: a man who never attended school has been lying on the beds of the hospital most of his life has actually memorized the Holy Quran. Subhan Allah! It is indeed a miracle of Allah SWT!

Mohammad Abdullah Al Qarni, who is 31 years old has mental retardation which hinders his capabilities of reading and writing. He has never attended school in his life as it was diagnosed that he would not be able to read and write.

Still, he was able to memorize the entire Holy Quran by his heart without reading and writing capabilities which is not less than a miracle. We are mentally fit, can read and write and still many of us struggle to memorize a few verses of the Holy Quran let alone learning the entire Holy Quran by heart.

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His brother briefed that Mohammad Abdullah is an Orphan and was born this way. At his birth, he has a broken Urinary tract and pelvis. He is under medical assistance in King Fahd Medical city of Riyadh.

The brother told that he is the only one who takes care of him and that Al Qarni is in dire need of help and support. I personally believe that Al Qarni is a differently-abled child who should be treated with the utmost care by the people who are specialized in this field. If he can learn the Holy Quran, he can be helpful in many other matters to society.

Source: Sabq

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