Saudi Woman unknowingly selects 2nd wife for her Husband

One day she received a message on her WhatsApp application from a male person who chose not to disclose himself. She did not recognize the number, but that guy demanded about few characteristics in his wife for which he was crazily eager. Thus, she guaranteed to help him as it was her job.

Within a few days, surprisingly she went to a marriage function, where she spotted a lady who fits perfectly in those requirements. She contacted the guy immediately and offered him the name of the youthful woman’s relative and allowed them to have a discussion. 

She thought her job was done and she helped a guy and girl to get their perfect matches but that was not the case.

A few days later she was praised by her husband for her high taste and good choice. She was confused and unaware of what her husband meant to say when she was told that the guy was her own husband who asked her to search for a second wife.

He was now ready to marry that second lady which her wife searched for him. The lady did not explain what happened after that, did he marry the girl selected by her or he let it go.

Source: Gulf News

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