HAIA arrests a married gay couple in Riyadh

In the capital city of Saudi Arabia, two gay men were arrested by the Saudi security officials while searching an apartment where they were living as wedded couples.

The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (HAIA) has arrested these men as they had secretly married each other.

It is reported in a local newspaper on Tuesday that the HAIA members took action based on the news on social media.

There are further reports that the Commission detected the mobiles of the convicts. There are so many pictures and video clips of the so-called wedding parties and guests who were dressed in women’s get-ups such as clothes and makeup.

When the police raided the flat, the men 28 years of age revealed that their marriage was held a few days back at a rest area on the southern side of the city, and at that time they moved in with each other.

The men also confessed that they had attended several similar parties in a local neighborhood which was attended by so many gay people.

They stated they were using the flat as their home. When security authorities raided the flat, they found both of them busy removing the fake body parts such as breasts which they were wearing.

The sources said that numerous ladies’ costumes and girly things, such as wigs, bags, shoes, fake breasts with four bottles of locally made liquor were found during a raid on the flat. 

Source: Arab News

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