A man who has a secret second wife shouldn’t be called a Cheater- Saudi cleric

Condition to get married for the second time: As we all know that our religion allows men to marry more than one woman at a time and there are some circumstances and conditions under which it is permissible. Many people believe that they need to get permission from the first wife to get married for the second time.

The first and the utmost condition lies to be fair with all the wives and if a man thinks it impossible then it is better to keep just one wife.

Why was Polygamy allowed? However, many Islamic Scholars have clearly defined that Polygamy in Islam is only permissible under the special and tight frame of conditions. The Quranic Verses regarding polygamy has been revealed after the battle of Uhud where many Muslim men were martyred.

The religion first allowed Polygamy for the sake of widows and orphans of the martyrs and their families who were in dire need of support at that time.

Although this situation is clear in the Holy Quran but still whenever polygamy issues are described it generate a baffling argument in our society.

It is Haram to call him a cheater: A man who marries the second woman is described as a cheater. This situation is seen all over the world although the customs, traditions and religious values are different in different regions and religions. Beside this, a Muslim society is always criticized because Islam allows polygamy.

A Saudi cleric Saad al Khataan issued a statement regarding Polygamy, in His statement, he said, men who married another woman should not be called a cheater. In his statement, he said, God permitted men to marry more than once therefore who describe this polygamy decision as a betrayal mean to object Allah’s Sharia.

Hence it is Haram to call that man as a cheater. Cheating should only be described for illicit relationship and adultery which God has prohibited.

Polygamy is not being unfaithful to your first wife: This statement on this matter was highlighted when he was asked a question during a live television program on Al Risala TV. Where he gave an edict but this spread in several Muslim communities where people broke down and presented different opinions.

Many people believed that polygamist is unfaithful even though Allah has permitted polygamy for men who are able to treat their wives with equal rights. While some thought the edicts made some sense. Labeling something that God permitted as betrayal is truly stated as opposing or standing against Allah’s orders.

However, some people thought a man should inform his wife before marrying another woman because according to marriage contract a man is supposed to talk about his plans to his partner and if he hides anything from his wife, he is betraying her.

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