Keeping a secret wife is not cheating – Saudi cleric

Islam allows men to keep up to 4 wives at a time. Many believe they need permission from their first wife to marry for the second time. Is it true?

The first and the utmost condition lies in being fair with all the wives, and if a man thinks it impossible, then it is better to keep just one wife.

Keeping a secret wife is not cheating

Although it is allowed in Islam, when a man marries a second woman the society considers him a cheater. 

A Saudi cleric Saad al Khataan said, that men who married another woman should not be called cheaters. A person who marries another woman even if he does it secretly is not unfaithful to his first wife.

Cheating is only when a man or woman is involved in illicit relations or adultery that Allah has prohibited.

As long as a man is acting within the boundaries of Allah by keeping more than his wives, even if he is keeping them secretly, it is not cheating.

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