List of 6 Bookstores in Jeddah

There are not many bookstores in Jeddah as the culture of reading could not prevail here. Still, I have managed to list down a few of them;

Jarir Bookstore in Jeddah

Jarir is the biggest bookstore in Jeddah where you can search for your favorite book as well as all the gadgets that can boost your reading abilities.ย 

  • Jarir Mall, Tahliya St., Al Rehab Dist.
  • Jamea Plaza, Al Jamiah Dist.
  • Jarir Mall, Prince Sultan Rd.
  • Prince Majed Rd , Al Safa Dist.
  • Sari St., Al Salamah.

Jarir Bookstore in Jeddah

Maktab Al Fanoos

Al Fanoos bookstore deals with a variety of supplies for design and art students. Itโ€™s famous for having the best variety of bags including laptop bags and other stationery items.ย 

Afnan Bookstore

Afnan bookstore in Jeddah provides all kinds of textbooks and academic books that cater to primary and secondary-level learning. They are known to have the latest collection of all the subject-related books.

Fursan Bookstore in Jeddah

They provide school books for different grades.

Konooz Al Marefa Bookstore

Konooz bookstore caters to the needs of all Arabic readers. It contains an extensive variety of school, college, and university books.

DBNB Bookstore

All Indian school textbooks and notebooks are available at the DBNB bookstore in Jeddah at reasonable rates with good service.

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