Why did I embrace Islam? A journey from Christianity to Islam

Khaikh Khidir is a Khateeb in Toronto. Once, while he was delivering the Khutba of Jumah (Friday’s sermon), he unfolded a true story of a Christian woman who had embraced Islam. He told me that once there was a Christian woman who had an opportunity to visit an Islamic state.

The story of a Christian woman

While she stays there, she was impressed by the Muslims and wanted to learn about religion. She was curious about their behavior, lifestyle, and religion. So, she started visiting the local libraries in search of religious books.

She would pick up 3-4 books relating to Islam and would get them issued. She would carefully read them to know more about Muslims and their religion.

The librarian was amazed to see a foreigner non-Muslim interested in Islam and Muslim and she would ask the lady if she was ready to convert her religion. On this, the woman would say that she has not planned anything yet and when the time comes, she will tell.

She witnessed something strange one day

Once, as she was passing by a street she heard the Azan from a nearby mosque. Then she saw a sweeper putting aside his broom and standing in the line to offer the prayers. A wealthy man in his luxurious car also came to the mosque and stood by the sweeper to offer his prayers.

This was something unusual for her: a rich and a poor standing side by side offering prayers. She thought that this was really a beautiful religion: a religion that is not only teaching equality but also preaching it.

For Allah, the prayers are important, not the fact that it is of poor or rich. Allah will reward the prayers of rich and poor according to the way they are offered, not according to the status.

For Allah, there is no distinction on the basis of wealth, race and color. All are equal yet the most honorable is the one who is the most pious and fears Allah.

She immediately decided to embrace Islam

The lady was touched by the religion so much so that she gave up her religion and accepted Islam. Since then she is a practicing Muslim.

Dear all, our religion is beautiful, and we need to understand it. We need to learn more about our religion so that we can become better Muslims.

The image of Muslims that has been spoiled over the past few years needs to be restored and that is only possible if we become practicing Muslims.

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