Hospital Buries Woman’s Uterus instead of Dead Baby

A man who kept his name confidential reported to Al Watan that he took his wife to Al Rafha General hospital who was five months pregnant and had gone hysterectomy following severe bleeding.

The medical team who attended to his wife told their decision to remove his wife’s uterus with a dead fetus which came as tragic and unbearable news for the couple.

He said the medical team had surgically removed the dead fetus along with the uterus and handed him what he thought was a fetus.

He performed the Janaza prayer and buried it in the cemetery. After three days a call was received from the hospital to tell him that they mistakenly gave the uterus instead of the fetus and the fetus was shifted to the hospital nursery.

He said, “Why the fetus was transferred to the nursery in the first place, and why we were not informed of this? 

This cause a matter of anger when the hospital management ignored his complaint and did not offer any gesture of apologizing for their mistake and nor did they promise to open an investigation. 

The man said after getting ignored by the hospital management he called the Ministry of Health emergency number 937 to report the incident. He said his wife never suffered from any major or minor illness before the incident of bleeding.

Initial results showed that there was a procedural error in delivering the sample after surgery from the concerned department in the hospital. The investigation is still going on.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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