A Hindu Indian rapes a 100 Years Old Woman to death

Very recently our news channels telecasted very shocking news. I think nobody might have ever heard such news. That news comes from India. A 100-year-old woman was raped by a young man.

This incident happened in Jaani village in Meerut District located in Uttar Pradesh (India). This old lady lived with her brother. A young guy named Ankit Punia entered her home and attacked the lady. He was reported that Ankit was in an intoxicated state. He was trying to escape but did not succeed in his will.

He attacked that helpless lady, her cries were heard by her brother and the neighbors who arrived at the time of Punia was trying to escape. He was beaten by the people and then handed over to police. The woman was in poor health after she was being raped and she died of pains and illness.

I have never heard such a tragic incident like this before. Where is our world going and what is all this happening? A 100-year-old lady is just like our grandmother or at the place of our grandmother. Can a guy ever think of raping her grandmother? 

This news upsets me thinking, even an old lady is not safe in Indian society so how come a young lady feels secure in that society. After this incident, the police officials of India said that the relevant section of the Indian Penal Code would be added in the case against the youth.

IPC is the main criminal code of India. After investigating Punia, he claimed that he was innocent and have not committed any Crime. I can’t understand what he was trying to explain about his unkind and cruel deed? This is not the first time in India. We have often heard many rape cases news from India.

A few months ago we covered news where 28 days old girl was raped in India. Many young girls, married or unmarried were raped in different parts of India and stayed at the main headlines of news for several months. There is much news of girls being raped and killed brutally in many cities of India.

Many protests were being for woman rights and security in India, even the law of India is taking steps to stop the increasing rate of rape crime. They have punished many rapists harshly but still, there is very few improvements seen. It seems that no man had gained any lesson from previous punishments given to the accused rapists.

Source: Times of India

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