A girl was raped in front of her family on the orders of a Pakistan Village Council

What is justice? Does Justice allow one to do the same with other? Is this what you call justice? Well, you definitely need to rethink. Such a justice can be justified when if one faces a punishment slap because he slapped other. But what if one is subject to punishment of the crime of someone else? Is this justice? A very terrible and unfortunate event took place in Pakistan. In the village of Rajpur located in Muzaffarabad in the province of Punjab, a girl was sentenced to rape as a punishment in front of her family members! Wondering her crime? The girl’s brother was accused of rape.[irp]

To clear the matters, Umer Wadda was accused of raping Ashfaq’s sister on July 16. Both of them reside in Rajpur. The matter was taken to the village council. The head of the village council upheld justice by ordering the rape of Umer Wadda’s 16 years old sister. The rape was to be done by Ashfaq himself and that too in front of the Waddda family.  The Wadda family pleads and protested but they were told that it was the matter of justice. Justice could not be upheld until another rape would be committed!

So a rape was committed in the name of pure justice! The Wadda family brought the matter to the police which alarmed and shock the police. The police took timely action and lodged FIR’s against the village councils head, 30 members of the village council, Ashfaq and Umer Wadda. Ahsan Younis who is the Police Chief at the Multan division reported that 29 members have been arrested so far. The village council head who ordered a rape for a rape has also been arrested.

The police say that all the eyes are on the matter and the case is being carefully examined. There is a lot that is to be investigated. Firstly, Wadda’s sister needs to be provided with justice, then there is a need to investigate that was Ashfaq’s sister raped by Wadda. if Wadda raped a girl, he needs to be punished. Was Wadda’s sister raped in front of the family? A detail investigation of the village council head and members are also taking place. Such investigations need time.

In order to ensure that real justice prevails, the police are highly alert. They want to make sure that criminals face punishment of their crimes. In such cases, families take back their cases claiming that they have made a mutual compromise, but in reality, there is a pressure on them. The police do not want the withdrawal of FIRs and thereby has made a complainant at the station house of the officer of Muzaffarabad police.[irp]

 Mukhtaran Mai, a rape victim of 2000 belonged to the same district. She was also raped on the order of the village council. Such incidents are sad. It shows how brutally rights of women are violated and that too in the name of justice. There is a need of educational spread and laws to cope up with such practices.  We hope that real justice is upheld!

Source: Khaleej Times

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