A five-star hotel in Jeddah sells a Royal burger for SR 5,000

A five-star hotel in Jeddah is now offering a burger worth SR 5,000! Not only the burger is rich in taste and ingredients, but it also contains an edible gold leaf. The lavish, juicy and meaty burger is topped with a gold leaf on it.

The SR 5,000 burger being served at the Ritz Carlton, a five-star hotel in Jeddah took the internet by storm when a renowned Saudi journalist tweeted about it. He informed the internet users that an SR 5,000 worth burger is being sold at The Ritz-Carlton. 

The Ritz-Carlton offers this special burger

The Ritz-Carlton is situated in Al Hamra District. It has been able to be one of the favorite dining places of most people. People around the world have acknowledged their hospitality.

However, now it is being famous for the Royal Burger. The burger has been named as the Royal Burger. When asked from one of the staff members, he told that it is being called the Royal Burger because of its worth. It indeed has a high price!

The staff member, whose name is not disclosed, further added that the burger is in great demand by the people. Even though it is expensive, people want to taste the highly priced burger. 

What are the ingredients of the burger?

The burger is indeed Royal: its ‘royal’ ingredients include black truffle, wild mushrooms, Kobe beef, foie gras, caviar, cheese and of course a gold leaf.

Even though edible gold is not a new concept, yet such flaked gold was served usually in desserts. Mostly flaked gold pieces were garnished upon sweet tarts. However, gold leaf in a burger is quite a new concept!

In ancient eastern times, edible gold was served along with dishes at very special occasions. The expensive metal would shine upon the dishes at cultural and traditional events. If you are wishing to taste gold, you can get it online through sites like Amazon.com and it is available with some gold distributors as well. So, you can enjoy a royal dish at home as well!

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The public reaction

While some are busy demanding the royal dish, as per the staff member’s statement, most have bashed it. People on the internet have expressed their different views. Some say royal dishes are not new, they are served worldwide! 

While a user-demanded that such dishes shall be called off. Why spend so much on a single dish? We have to be answerable to Allah. While there are, people dying of famine, we here are enjoying SR 5,000 worth burger!

Source: Arab News

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